Anti-Aging Supplements

Your Key Immune System Health

Anti-Aging Supplements

Open the Door to a Well-Functioning Immune System with Anti-Aging Supplements

A well-functioning immune system is essential to good health. Without it, you’ll find that you’re sick a lot and can’t function the way you’re supposed to due to fatigue, poor concentration, and more. Supplements such as vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals are sometimes necessary to boost your immune system, especially during middle age. If you don’t eat properly you won’t get the necessary nutrition to perform optimally. Anti-aging supplements are a good way to get the nutrition your body needs.

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Specifically, anti-aging supplements like testosterone supplements and HGH supplements help boost hormone levels when used in conjunction with hormone replacement therapy (HRT):

Testosterone Boosting Supplements

  • D-Apartic Acid
  • Tribulus Terestris
  • ZMA
  • Longjack (Eurycoma longifolia)
  • Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium)
  • DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)
  • Anti-Estrogens (Aromatase Inhibitors – Armidex, Chlomid, Anastrazole)
  • DIM (Diindolymethane)
  • Chrysin (Dihydroxyflavone)

Natural, safe, and with no adverse side effects, testosterone boosting supplements help with fat burning, muscle building, mood and libido.

Lab Testing Normal Testosterone Levels

Lab testing  normal testosterone, HGH, vitamin & nutritional levels using a holistic approach to health starts with hormone testing, food allergy testing, food sensitivity, and nutritional deficiency testing

Get our complete diagnostic evaluation that includes age and gender-specific tests that will tell you if you have any potential health issues. Diagnostic testing will help lead you to a healthier life.

Food Allergy Testing

Food intolerance and chemical sensitivities can leave you feeling sick. Now, with our food allergy testing, you can find out exactly what is causing you illness. Our patented test is designed to mimic what happens when you consume food that you’re allergic to by objectively measuring the blood cells’ reactions to a foreign substance.

With the test results, you’ll find out what your food allergies are, and thus be able to avoid them so you can enjoy a healthier life. You’ll most likely feel more energetic and lose weight within just a few days of avoiding the food that resulted in positive results. Our doctors will be able to develop a personalized diet plan designed specifically to your nutritional needs.

Hormone Testing – Low T Testing – HGH Testing – Andropause – Menopause

Hormone Balance testing is used to see if you have Adult Hormone Deficiency. If you’re experiencing fatigue, low sex drive, or any other of the symptoms of low hormones and are over the age of 30, you need Hormone Balance testing.

This diagnostic test is designed to learn if you have low testosterone, low human growth hormone, estrogen and progesterone imbalance, thyroid imbalance, DHEA imbalance and other essential hormones.

Heavy Metals Testing

We test for environmental toxins and heavy metals that may be in your body. If you have environmental toxins or heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum or nickel in your body, you’re at risk for serious illness.

Your body has no use for these heavy metals, with some exceptions. Selenium, an effective antioxidant; iron, which is required by blood cells; and copper, which plays a role in enzymes, are all necessary at certain levels to keep you healthy.

Environmental contamination and other sources are usually the culprit for mercury toxicity. Mercury toxicity or mercury poisoning can be detrimental to your health.

Vitamin Deficiency Testing

A blood test will determine if you have a vitamin deficiency. This is a necessary test because low levels of vitamins can result in severe illness if not treated. When you have overt vitamin deficiency you may not have the symptoms, but the body isn’t working optimally for good health.

Illness usually develops after many years of vitamin deficiency. Inadequate intake, abnormal metabolism, excessive excretion or an underlying disease process can result from sub-clinical and frank deficiency. Since vitamins and minerals interact with each other, a deficiency in one can negatively impact your body. If undetected for a long time, vitamin deficiency can cause serious illness.