Power Wave Therapy

Its Advantages and Effects

Erectile Dysfunction & Power Wave Therapy

Erectile Dysfunction is an issue that many men face when they reach a certain age. It comes with a lot of disadvantages and it affects not just their sexual prowess but their quality of work and life as well. 

PowerWave Therapy is one of the latest technologies that aim to reduce the negative effects of Erectile Dysfunction in the human body. It is one of those processes that is dedicated to fully help those suffering from the disease and make sure that they would have the best experience in their lives.

If you are looking at the basics of PowerWave Therapy, then you need to look at what it does and how it can help you with your Erectile Dysfunction. Read on to find out more about this new technology.

What Is The Power Wave Therapy?

PowerWave Therapy is a new kind of therapy that focuses mainly on introducing shock waves through the penis to treat Erectile Dysfunction. 

Gruenwald (2019) said that the main problem with ED treatments today is that “they do not alter the underlying pathophysiology of the erectile mechanism”. This means that even if they give temporary solutions, the underlying problem is still not addressed by the treatment. 

PowerWave has been designed as a mechanism that has the following characteristics:

  • Powerwave is easy to use – given that most treatments are done by professionals, and given the sensitivity of the area, PowerWave is still characterized as easy to use for the individual. 
  • Powerwave can prevent pain for the individual – since most of the individuals with ED have a problem with the pain that is associated with getting an erection, PowerWave can offer a mechanism that helps prevent pain for the individual. 
  •  Powerwave can be used in the comfort of your own home – the best thing about this kind of therapy is that with some training, focus, and perseverance, it can be used in the comfort of their own home.

How Does One Get Into Power Wave Therapy?

To get into PowerWave Therapy clinical trials, you must have the following qualifications according to Rebelo (2018);

  • You must be a male between 30 and 80 years of age – this range is the usual age range for those who suffer from the condition.
  • You must have ED lasting for over six months but not more than five years – this range is considered as the treatable age of the condition for ED.
  • You have had a stable sexual relationship for over three months prior to enrollment – this one is to make sure that the ED had been tested over a certain period. 

What Are The Advantages of PowerWave Therapy?

PowerWave Therapy comes with many advantages as follows:

  • PowerWave Therapy tackles two issues at the same time. Since there are over 75% of the systems that have reduced blood flow and poor cardiovascular health, these are often not addressed by the systems that are currently in place. With PowerWave, the system is able to tackle both issues at the same time and make sure that the results are more permanent.
  • PowerWave uses a special mechanism that is specially designed to take advantage of the latest technology. With state of the art technology, it is able to remove artery-clogging plaque, drastically increasing blood flow leading to an erection.
  • Since the treatment is one that aims to address the two problems of the system, PowerWave eliminates the cause of your erectile dysfunction. This root-cause approach is much more rewarding in the long since the results are visible in just a few quick sessions. Studies have shown that patients who use it have reported more blood flow, heightened sensitivity, and harder erections.

What Are The Benefits of PowerWave Therapy?

With the advantages comes the benefits, the following are the benefits of PowerWave Therapy:

  • The male user will experience enhanced erections in terms of retention and stiffness. With the increase in blood flow, the male organ gets better retention of blood in the vessels leading to better erection stamina.
  • It has the right chances of improving sexual performance. With the increased erection retention, the individual gets better chances of working at his own pace during the intercourse. There is no rush.
  • The therapy is also said to have an increase in the sensation in the male organ. Other than the usual effects that the female partner can expect, the male partner can also expect to have more sensation while doing the act. This improves the experience for both the man and the woman.
  • There are also reportedly more spontaneous erections and better orgasms. 

Questions That You Need Answered About Power Wave

There are questions about Power Wave therapy that you need answers for and the best way to do it is with the following information:

  • How long does PowerWave Therapy last?

If you are asking for the erection, it varies, but clinical trials have proven that the positive effects of the device lasts for more than 2 years and could even reach 3 years. 

  • How many treatments should I get?

The number of treatments is best prescribed by the doctors based on your specific health needs, but the common answer to this is 6 to 12 treatments.

  • What if I am not sure if I have ED?

While PowerWave Therapy can be used by practically anyone, you would not want to just use it on your penis if it is actually working so you should consult a doctor before even thinking about electrifying your organ.

  • Can I keep the device after treatment?

Yes, you may keep the device and hope that you never have to use it ever again. If the need arises, be sure to consult a physician first before getting the shockwaves again.

Answered About Power Wave

Can I use it Power Wave on other parts?

Yes, you can use it in other parts of your body such as the following:

  • Neck

  • Shoulders

  • Elbows

  • Back

  • Hips

  • Groin

  • Hands

  • Wrist

  • Legs;

  • Hamstring

  • Knees

  • Feet

  • Heels

  • Shin and 

  • Achilles Tendons


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