Halotherapy Treatment

Whether you’re suffering from depression or a skin condition like Eczema, you might want to look into alternative treatments to help mitigate your symptoms without requiring you to take substantial amounts of medications or undergo surgery. A highly effective treatment method for a wide range of health and skin conditions is halotherapy, which is a non-invasive treatment that can provide you with an array of notable benefits.

What Is Halotherapy?

Halotherapy is a type of alternative treatment that involves breathing salty air. Because of how this treatment method works, it’s considered to be very effective at treating respiratory conditions such as allergies, asthma, and chronic bronchitis.

Each of these conditions can cause issues such as fatigue, chest discomfort, bad breath, and congestion in the sinuses. It’s also possible to obtain halotherapy for eczema and similar skin conditions. Using halotherapy for eczema and maladies like psoriasis should reduce the inflammation that is causing these skin conditions, which will in turn lead to the elimination of the other symptoms that you’re experiencing.

As is the case with respiratory conditions, this alternative treatment can also be used to reduce some of the symptoms that you might be going through because of long-term smoking. These symptoms include everything from coughing and wheezing to shortness of breath.

While many of the benefits provided by this treatment relate to physical health conditions, this treatment can be administered to assist with such mental conditions as anxiety and depression as well. Salt is considered to be a mood-elevating substance, which is why breathing salt can have such a positive effect on certain mental conditions.

If you suffer from more severe diseases that have adversely affected your lungs, you might also want to think about scheduling a session for Halotherapy. For instance, this alternative treatment has proven to be effective at reducing the symptoms associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The results of Halotherapy treatment include improved respiratory function and a reduction in symptoms related to COPD.

Methods Used for Administering Halotherapy Treatment

There are two notable methods that are used to administer halotherapy, which include the dry method and the wet method. Both of these techniques have proven to be effective. The dry method of this treatment is typically administered within a room that has no humidity in it, which is aimed at turning the room into a man-made salt cave. The room temperature is typically cool, while the actual treatment sessions can last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. You may require multiple treatment sessions before you obtain the full benefits of Halotherapy.

When receiving the dry method of this treatment, the salt will be ground into tiny particles by a halogenerator. These particles will then be sent into the air so that you can begin to breathe them in. When these particles are eventually inhaled, they will absorb a wide range of irritants that are found within your respiratory system, which includes toxins and allergens.

Halotherapy treatment will also help to break up any mucus in your airways and reduce inflammation, which should improve your overall health. The reason that this alternative treatment is also effective at treating skin conditions like eczema is that bacteria and similar impurities are absorbed and eliminated.

The wet method, provides the same benefits as the dry method yet also allows you to obtain the salt in a variety of ways. Some of the wet methods that can be used for this treatment include:

  • Using salt water to assist with nasal irrigation
  • Gargling salt water
  • Taking a bath in salt water
  • Drinking salt water
  • Using flotation tanks that have been filled with salt water

Potential Halotherapy Side Effects

Before you obtain Halotherapy treatment as a means of improving your health, it’s important that you’re aware of the halotherapy side effects that could develop once you’ve been provided with this treatment. In many cases, this therapy is entirely safe for the majority of people.

However, it’s important to understand that all forms of halotherapy research have centered primarily on measuring the efficacy of the treatment as opposed to determining whether or not it’s dangerous. It’s recommended that you receive this treatment at a wellness clinic or spa to ensure that medical staff who have received the proper training will administer the treatment properly. These staff members will also be able to act quickly in the event that a medical emergency occurs, which couldn’t be guaranteed by attempting this treatment at home.

While this therapy is aimed at improving respiratory conditions, it’s also possible that your airwaves could be irritated or restricted because of the salt. If you’re already suffering from such symptoms as a shortness of breath or coughing, these symptoms could worsen. Headaches are also possible with this treatment. Keep in mind that all of these halotherapy side effects are rare. If you’re currently taking any medications, you’ll want to let your doctor know before going forward with this therapy.

What Halotherapy Research Says

In the past decade or so, there has been an extensive amount of research conducted on the efficacy of halotherapy for such conditions as depression, anxiety, and psoriasis. The study mentioned previously that pertained to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease determined that symptoms were reduced and quality of life improvements occurred.

There was another study performed in 2014 that provided excellent results when looking at how effective this therapy is for the treatment of such conditions as chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma. This research found that the therapy was able to trigger both anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory responses, which assisted with the reduction of symptoms related to both chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.

Now that you know more about this therapy and the many benefits that it provides, you should heavily consider obtaining this treatment if you suffer from respiratory conditions.

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