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Hormone Therapy Can Reverse the Signs of Aging

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Want to improve your health and look and feel younger? Then it’s time to try one of our anti-aging health spas, where we provide rejuvenating facials, body sculpting, deep tissue massage, FitVibe Fitness Center, IV therapy, testosterone replacement, HGH therapy and HCG diet plans. There is no other spa that combines all these health optimizing techniques in one.

Our A4M and Cenegenics® trained medical doctors use science as a way to improve your life. By increasing your hormones to normal levels and providing a new diet and exercise regime, you’ll be back to feeling and looking young once again.

Aging adults require specialized treatment. That’s why we’re here to help you look and feel your best. We provide comprehensive preventive medicine with hormone replacement therapy (HRT), diet, and exercise. It’s only with this combination that you’re able to reach your full potential of a healthy body.

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Addressing Aging

Aging is a problem that most of us face even at a relatively young age. There are so many causes of aging that getting the right antiaging therapy seems like a dream. With the wide variety of choices and options that are available today, you may hear of many options but is therapy the right way to address aging?

The Different Kinds of Anti-Aging Therapy Health Spas

There are different kinds of anti-aging therapy that every individual should know about when they are looking for the right treatment for them.

  1. Hormone Therapy – Hormone Therapy is one of the most sought after anti-aging therapies available. It uses the hormone Estradiol which is transformed into estrogen. Testosterone replacement is also a similar therapy that is used when the levels are low in the body. Hormone therapy may also be called Hormone Optimization.
  2. IV Vitamin Therapy – The Intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy is a method where a doctor or medical practitioner administers vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream through an intravenous treatment to help people feel healthier and energized.
  3. Testosterone Therapy – Testosterone therapy is one of the most popular therapies used by individuals to regain strength in their body. Testosterone is often used by therapists in order to help the patient get their youth back. Many individuals who have used it, and science as well, have proven that it can increase the energy of the human body, can provide an enhanced libido, can provide an increased production of red blood cells, and can help in the protection against developing osteoporosis. It works for both men and women who want to experience anti-aging wonders.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell therapy is one of the top anti-aging therapies. There are different kinds of stem cells that allow the division and renewal of other cells. Health spas use many kinds of stem cell therapies such as:

Hematopoietic stem cells are very popular. They are usually used as replacement to natural stem cells because they give rise to all types of blood cells and rejuvenate the blood cells the body needs.

There are also Mesenchymal stem cells. This one is a special type of cell as it gives rise to a variety of cell types that affect the different parts of the body such as the following:

    • Bone cells (osteocytes);
    • Cartilage cells (chondrocytes);
    • Fat cells (adipocytes); and
    • Other kinds of connective tissue cells

There are also neural stem cells that can be replaced by the advances in stem cell research. It helps the cells in the brain to give rise to its three major cell types. Those cell types include the nerve cells, non-neuronal cells astrocytes, and oligodendrocytes.

For those who have some problems with their digestive tract, the Epithelial stem cells in the lining of the digestive tract can also be replaced by stem cell therapy. It replaces several types of cells such as the goblet cells, absorptive cells, paneth cells, and enteroendocrine cells.

Finally, there are skin stem cells that can be replaced by modern medicine as well. The stem cell replacement occurs in the basal layer of the epidermis and at the base of hair follicles. Those who are having problems with their skin and hair often get this category of stem cell replacement.

Rejuvenating Facials

Rejuvenating Facials are quite different than regular facials. They cleanse deeply in order to remove all of the pollutants and dirt that we have gained through our daily routine. It is different because it cleanses the face and removes the pollutants that may make an individual’s skin look old and sickly. With these kinds of facials, anti-aging treatments have a better outcome.

Body Sculpting and Deep Tissue Massage

These are two processes that allow individuals to have their muscles and tendons relaxed and their skin tightened in order to look better and younger for improved self-esteem and an instant feeling of well-being.

Other treatments are also available such as a FitVibe Fitness Center, HGH Therapy, and HCG Diet plans.

Benefits Of A Health Spa

There are good benefits to visiting a health spa that every person should know if they are considering getting any treatments.

  1. A Health Spa can help you de-stress. Many individuals visit a spa in order to wind down, relax, and reap the many benefits of having a clear mind and an invigorated body, such as better mood and increased productivity.
  2. A Health Spa helps you delay the process of aging by stimulating skin cells and hydrating the skin.
  3. You will get better sleep with anti-aging therapy and Health Spas. Since your muscles are relaxed and your blood pressure is lowered, this helps you maintain a healthy heart rate.
  4. A Health Spa can also help relieve aches and pains and many other problems that come with aging. It relieves aches and it helps the body replenish missing nutrients and fluids.
  5. A deep massage at a Health Spa can also help improve blood flow and circulation in which in turn helps reduce the signs of aging.
  6. Health Spa therapies promote healthy skin and help it glow and reflect a healthier, younger body.

Anti-Aging Research Today

According to Smith (2019), anti-aging research is now at the peak of its development. The author even said that “anti-aging treatments in development are showing promise in animal models such as worms and mice”. This fact may mean that we are close enough to getting new anti-aging treatments to help everybody feel better and younger.


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