Nutrition Coaching

It’s not just about the hormones!

At Optimal Health MD we have a holistic approach when it comes to helping you accomplish your health goals!

Hormones are chemical messengers that go everywhere in your body making sure every sub-system performs as it should so you as a whole can do the same. Therefore, balancing your hormones, which basically means having the right amounts and combinations of these messages flowing in your body, getting where they have to, when they have to, is a very important component of everybody’s health!

Hormone supplementation can make up for the lack of other very important components of the total health equation and keeps you feeling and looking good. If you are already an HRT patient, and you are enjoying the benefits, can you even imagine how much better you would look and feel, if you feed your body with the right amount of nutrients, and you exercise and stay fit to help your body take it all in, so you can use it to bring out the most of your body’s physical and emotional potential?


Literally… a total new YOU!

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HRT Gets You Optimal Health!

HRT + nutrition coaching gets you Enhanced Optimal Health!

We have partnered with Certified Health Coach and Clinical Advisor on Hormone Replacement Therapies, Billy Taylor, to offer you an amazing nutrition coaching program.

This program is heavily based on two principles:


  1. Healthy eating and lifestyle habits to get sustainable results… forever! So no quick fix to later lose your gains and gain back your losses!
  2. Customizable to accommodate the most demanding and busy lifestyles.


We have the tools and means to teach you how to stay fit no matter what life and work throws at you… without taking over your life. So you can scratch lack of time from your list of excuses!

You’ll need to make some lifestyle adjustments of course… but slowly and steadily, by getting the best support and follow up to keep you accountable and consistent, which is the # 1 incentive to keep you on track until you come to realize the meaning – to yourself, not others – of your own accomplishments! Then you’ll need no other incentive… but yourself!

Combine HRT with a balanced nutrional diet

12 months of personal nutrition coaching to get you into the best shape of your life

This is what you can expect:

  • Lose weight, build strength, have more energy. Whatever your goals, we’ll help you get there. By the end of 12 months you’ll be in better shape than you thought possible.


  • No more weird diets or time-consuming workouts. You have enough to worry about, and you’re already strapped for time. Let me sweat the details while you breathe easily and focus only on one step at a time.


  • I’ll break your complex nutritional goals into small, strategic daily practices that add up to massive body transformation. You’ll develop healthy habits that become second nature and last a lifetime.
  • I’ll start with you — your life, needs, and goals. Then we’ll develop a personalized plan to help you eat, move, and live better — in a way that fits into your real, everyday life.


  • At Precision Nutrition, our coaching methods have been tested and proven with over 100,000 clients to date. We’re constantly tweaking and improving our program based on the latest in nutrition, exercise, and psychology research.


  • I’ll coach you for an entire year. And just like the thousands of clients we’ve worked with, you’ll get in the best shape of your life — or it’s free. Yep!!!… keep reading…


Here are some real-life examples of 365 days of nutrition coaching with me and Optimal Health MD on the Precision Nutrition curriculum:

Lasting body transformations like these don’t come from dieting or hardcore fitness programs. They come from proven, research-driven methods that continue to work with tens of thousands of men and women of all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles. And they happen when you have a world-class coach in your corner to keep you on track and guide you step-by-step toward total body transformation.

So how exactly the program works?

Billy Taylor, MBA, CHC/PN1, CA

Billy Taylor, MBA, CHC/PN1, CA

“Hello…  I’m Billy Taylor. I promise you… you have never come across a program like the one I run as an Optimal Health MD coach with the Precision Nutrition curriculum!

Start by trusting me for one year

  • Complete at least 80% of the program.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results, you’ll get your money back!
  • Book a FREE 20-minute discovery session.
  • Share your particular health goals.
  • Let’s set up a metting so we can go over how we can help.

We’ll both assess if the program is a good fit for you.

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