Combining HGH and Fitness will Improve Your Life

Exercise and the HGH Response

Everyone knows exercise is good for your health. But, did you know how good it is for human growth hormone (HGH) production? Many studies have shown that strenuous exercise triggers HGH production and secretion.

HGH is produced and secreted from the anterior pituitary gland in the brain. Its release isn’t continuous, but rather in bursts or pulses every three to five hours. Intense exercise triggers this response. Human growth hormone is vital to your well-being and health. Without it, we feel sluggish and weak. If you are HGH deficient or are low in HGH, you probably are feeling this way and are looking for ways to feel better. 

HGH injections are available with a prescription for those individuals with HGH deficiency. If you haven’t been diagnosed with this hormone deficiency, exercise could be your answer to feeling better.

Many studies prove that vigorous exercise stimulates HGH production and secretion. In a study measuring growth hormone release during acute and chronic aerobic and resistance exercise, it was found that both chronic aerobic and resistance exercise stimulates the release of HGH quite substantially. The study also found that the HGH response to exercise is greater in women than in men. In another study, measuring human growth hormone response to repeated bouts of aerobic exercise, the same results were found. 

The bottom line is that if you regularly exercise at a consistent intensity, your growth hormone levels will increase. This increase will result in you feeling and looking healthier.

The Athlete and HGH Response

Athletes know the correlation of fitness and exercise to high HGH levels. Sometimes, though, the athlete gets hungry to be number one and will do whatever it takes to be that, even if it means taking illegal HGH injections. That is, they obtain HGH without a doctor’s prescription.

But, is their belief that HGH treatment will improve performance true? Let’s take a look at the research.

In a study measuring the effects of growth hormone on athletic performance, it was determined that HGH doesn’t improve strength or endurance in athletes. Therefore, taking illegal HGH injections or pills isn’t beneficial for increased performance. Moreover, there are negative side effects with abusing illegal HGH, such as:

  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • nerve, muscle, or joint pain
  • swelling of the arms and legs from fluid retention (edema)
  • high cholesterol levels
  • numb and tingling skin
  • an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • growth of cancerous tumors
  • growth of facial features, hands, and feet (acromegaly)
  • mood changes, dependency, and withdrawal
  • an enlarged heart
  • low blood sugar
  • liver damage
  • fatigue
  • enlarged breasts in men (gynecomastia)

Given these side effects, itis unwise to abuse HGH injections to try to improve athletic performance. Always seek medical advice from a doctor before taking human growth hormone.

Fitness and Your HGH Deficiency

Let’s say you go to the doctor for symptoms like severe fatigue and loss of muscle mass. The doctor will then perform specific blood tests to determine if you have an HGH deficiency. What’s next?

Your doctor will advise not only that you receive HGH treatment, but he/she probably will put you on a fitness and exercise program that suits your body’s needs. 


Find an HGH Treatment Center Near You

If you are showing signs and symptoms of HGH deficiency, contact the experts at Modern Therapy at 1-888-663-1777 today to schedule a free consultation for more information about fitness and how HGH can help you live a better life.

If your blood tests show that you do have a deficiency in HGH, our doctor will prescribe HGH treatment and discuss a fitness and exercise program. Combining fitness with HGH treatment is one of the best plans for HGH deficiency. This integrated treatment plan will increase your HGH levels naturally and safely. The benefit of this natural treatment plan is optimal health — a life of a strong sense of well-being, energy, and vitality.