Follistatin Therapy For Anti-Aging Health, Vitality and Muscle Building

By September 12, 2019 Modern Therapy

The discovery of peptides as an effective treatment option for various conditions is a significant breakthrough in medicine. Their numerous beneficial effects have gained the synthesized products derived from natural a very high level of preference over other therapeutic drugs. Although their exact impacts on some medical conditions are still at the clinical trial phase, based on the available reports, peptide drugs are here to stay.

According to Market Watch, the peptide therapeutics global market is expected to exceed forty-five billion dollars by 2024. One of the most popular of these naturally synthesized supplements is follistatin peptide, which is widely regarded as the best peptide for muscle growth and weight loss. Follistatin peptides have highly beneficial effects, including bodybuilding and anti-aging health. If you desire a youthful look, increased fitness, and a healthy body, you can achieve all that with the right application of follistatin peptides therapy.

What is Follistatin?

Follistatin or activin-binding protein is an inhibitor that serves several purposes in the body. It is made of protein and sugar molecules known as glycoprotein. Its primary function is to repress skeletal muscle and promote muscle wasting. 

Over time, it has become a highly preferred therapeutic medicine for fighting tissue-related conditions that cause mortality and low quality of life in patients. While it can be found in almost all body tissues, it is mainly produced in the liver. Apart from being the best peptide for weight loss and muscle growth, follistatin also plays a significant role in cell growth throughout the body.

Follistatin Peptides

Peptides are found in every cell and tissue in the human body, and they perform several essential functions. They usually act as a hormone and have the ability to carry information from one tissue through to the blood.

Like proteins, peptides are made of amino acids, sometimes being referred to as ‘mini proteins.’ The only difference between the two is that proteins are made up of 50 or more amino acids, while peptides only consist of 2 to 50 amino acids. Proteins and peptides perform the main functions of the building, strengthening, repairing, and replacing of affected organs such as tissue. 

Several factors affect the functioning of our natural peptides, which results in premature aging, the slowing down of the recovery process, and causing difficulty in shedding fat. However, with the application of synthesis peptides, the body regains youthfulness and vitality. These naturally derived peptides are synthesized very actively, having the same level of ability to act as the natural ones that occur in the body.

Peptides cause a change in cell behavior and stimulate the regeneration process of different organs. They aid in boosting testosterone, which is the human growth hormone (HGH) needed to carry out specific functions in the body. They can be used for fat loss, wound healing, and muscle growth. Examples of synthesis peptides are BPC-157, copper peptides, and follistatin peptides, each having different functions in the body. 

How Does Follistatin Peptide Work?

Follistatin peptides are usually depicted with the image of the hyper-muscular Belgian Blues breed cattle. This is because the peptide has similar attributes to that of the animal in muscle building. Belgian Blues burn fat quickly and grow muscle at an incredible proportion due to the presence of high levels of myostatin in their bodies.

There is also myostatin in the human body, but its high presence usually suppresses muscle growth. If myostatin is repressed, the muscles will be able to build very fast, which is the main essence of follistatin peptides. The synthesized peptides act as myostatin-binders in the human body, increasing muscle strength and reducing mononuclear infiltration.

Follistatin Peptide Therapy

Follistatin Peptides therapy is the application of the recombinant bioactive follistatin peptide to treat and improve the organs of the body. Several animal studies have helped establish the high efficacy of the treatment option. In rodents, the result of follistatin peptides application revealed a significant muscle gain and weight loss. When given to primates, it also caused significant strength and muscle growth.

Similarly, the available human study also revealed that follistatin can be a game-changer in the gym and the world of fitness. Many people haven’t heard of follistatin and other peptides because they are still relatively new. However, in the United States and several other countries, peptide supplements are already in circulation.

Different Forms of Follistatin

Follistatin peptides come in different forms, such as follistatin 344, 315, 300, and 315. Each has specific roles in the body.

Follistatin 344

Follistatin 344, also referred to as FSS 344, is the most basic form. It is currently very popular and usually applied in gene therapy. FSS 344 can be converted into more specific types to target different body parts.

Follistatin 315

Follistatin 315 is the main form of follistatin. It also acts as an inhibitor to factors that are negative regulators of muscle growth, such as Activin A, GDF11, and myostatin. It is found in the bloodstream and very essential in muscle healing due to its ability to target tissue.

Follistatin 300

Follistatin 300 is primarily involved in accelerating skeletal and cardiac muscle regeneration after injury and also used in nerve therapy.

Follistatin 288

Follistatin 288 is known for its vital role in reproductive health. Follistatin 288 is mainly instrumental in regulating the epididymis and vas deferens. The vas deferens, a long muscular tube, travels from the epididymis into the pelvic cavity and transports mature sperm to the urethra, which is responsible for carrying sperm to the outside of the body for ejaculation. 

What Are the Benefits of Follistatin Therapy?

Follistatin has various beneficial effects and is known for giving the human being a fast, long-lasting therapeutic healing. The following are some of the advantages of follistatin: 

Follistatin for Muscle Growth 

In the development of the human body, muscles play an integral role to retain fitness. An improper growth rate of muscles will affect a person’s quality of life and longevity. But the presence of growth differentiation factor – 8 known as myostatin (MSTN) inhibits muscle cell growth. When myostatin presence in the body gets too high, it results in impairment of tissue functions, causes chronic diseases in vital organs, tissues, and marrow.

Follistatin isn’t just the best peptide type for muscle growth and fat loss, but it also has several other advantages in the body. The following are some of the other useful aspects of the naturally synthesized drug: 

Follistatin Peptides May Improve Reproductive Health

Follistatin plays a vital role in reproductive health. The three components inhibins, activins, and follistatin play crucial roles in regulating follicle-stimulating hormone secretion, which is a very essential component of both male and female reproductive tissues.

However, with factors such as age, they start declining and may affect sexual desire. Studies have suggested that follistatin peptides therapy might help in enhancing sex life. For men, the drug can help improve seminal fluid, and for women, it can enhance ovulation.

Follistatin May Help Women In Menopause

Low concentration of the follicle-stimulating hormone is also associated with the prevalence of metabolic disturbance in postmenopausal women. A published study suggests that with the effects of follistatin to regulate follicle-stimulating hormone secretion, insulin sensitivity or inflammation after menopause could be improved using the therapy. 

Additionally, some findings also suggest that an adequate presence of follistatin during pregnancy could help women achieve easy delivery. These findings are still at the experimental phase and require more studies to establish how they work.

Follistatin Helps Stimulate Hair Growth

Hair growth begins in the follicles under our skin. The follicle goes through repeated, genetically influenced cycles of regression, proliferation, and quiescence to shed and regrow hair. Any disruption of this natural cycle could lead to hair loss and other hair disorders, such as baldness.

It has been discovered that follistatin-like proteins have the effect of treating hair loss and stimulating hair growth. It specifically targets the causes of hair loss such as androgenic alopecia and the stimulate anagen phase of the hair cycle. It also stimulates an increase in hair mass, length, and hair shafts.

Follistatin Helps Improve Skin Health

Follistatin is known as an activin-binding protein with effects to stimulate healing in the skin. In a transgenic rat study, it was demonstrated that the overexpressing of follistatin can help reduce scar formation in the skin after wounds.

Follistatin Can Help Cancer Patients

Research has found out that follistatin deficiency is one of the factors that accelerate the growth of breast cancer cells. This suggests that breast cancer patients with a higher level of follistatin stand a better chance of surviving than those with lower follistatin. It is worth noting, however, that not all cancer types can be improved with follistatin.

Cancer cells in the skin and esophagus may be worsened with follistatin. Cancer patients should seek their doctor’s advice before taking any peptide-based drug, including follistatin.

Effects of Follistatin

Follistatin is regarded as the best peptide type for muscle growth and fat loss because of its fast results. After taking follistatin peptides, you will begin to experience a general body vitality and youthfulness as you shed fat and weight. Its potent anabolic activity will help you maintain muscle mass, even with little training. It is also the best peptide for weight loss and has anti-aging effects, which will help you maintain a youthful look.

How Are Follistatin Peptides Administered? 

The most common and widely recommended method of taking follistatin peptide is to inject it into the body intramuscularly. This means delivering the medication deep into the muscle. This method will allow your body to absorb the peptides into the bloodstream faster than the intravenous method.

The widely used dosage is 50 to 100 micrograms daily. This may vary based on the targeted condition and individual users. It is recommended that you ask your doctor about the right prescription for you.

Follistatin peptides are usually in the form of powder in a vial. You will need to store the powder in a cool, dry place and ensure it has no contact with direct sunlight. To use the drug, you will need to mix it with bacteriostatic water.

After preparing it, the liquid form diluted into a serum mixture can be refrigerated to preserve its effectiveness. The serum should be stored between 2 and 8 degrees Centigrade. To ensure a high level of bioactive activity in the peptides, it must be used within seven days after mixing.

Do Follistatin Peptides Have Any Side Effects? 

Just as it is in other injectable peptide or steroid, you may experience discomfort post-injection, especially if you are not used to the process. Redness, pain, and swelling are some of the most common cases at the injection site. Apart from this, there are no other known side effects of follistatin so far from the clinical studies available.

However, it is important to avoid prolonged use of the peptide, as that may repress the secretion of FSH, and affect your sexual desire. Before using follistatin, seek the advice of your doctor, especially if you are on any prescription medication or are allergic to certain medications. Also, if you suspect an overdose, you should contact your doctor immediately.

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